Barrel Beard and Tattoo Announce New Colorado Salon Partnership

Barrel Beard and Tattoo, a lifestyle grooming and beauty brand, is proud to announce the brand's newest business partnership and expansion into the state of Colorado with Elle.b Salon in Denver, CO.

Elle.b Salon will begin to carry Barrel Beard Oil & Tattoo Oil products currently on the market including Bourbon & Vanilla Beard Oil along with the brand's Italia Oil. Future plans include the inclusion of upcoming blends and additions to the product line. Barrel Beard & Tattoo will also work with Elle.b Salon to develop a locally sourced Colorado inspired scent that is both unique and exclusive to the region.

Barrel Beard and Tattoo is a St. Louis based business currently producing proprietary Vitamin E oil blends that are aged in used whiskey, wine or beer barrels along with ingredients that are beneficial for a wide range of uses as beard oil, tattoo oil, hair oil, and skin oil.

Elle.b Salon opened in May 2015 after Owner and Founder Lindsay Guzman Binkley had been styling hair in Denver for over a decade. All in one single weekend Lindsay decided she would open her own salon, found a neighborhood she loved, found a space and signed a lease. Just a few short months later a design had been implemented and Denver's newest hair salon was open. A salon with the goal of making each individual client come and feel amazing in their own skin.

"When Lindsay told me about her passion for people being comfortable in their own skin I could immediately relate," said Barrel founder Jeremy Allen Stanton. "I first began making the oils for myself because I wanted something for myself and friends.  It has grown into something much bigger than me but the focus remains the same. It's about making people look and feel their best, in their own skin."

Elle.b Salon was created for people seeking to become the most confident and beautiful version of themselves. Their goal is to help build a unique look that matches an individual's personality and brings out the best version of oneself. Despite initially being formulated with a focus on beard and tattoo care, Barrel products have been benefiting those who use the product in a tremendously wide range from soothing sunburns, dry skin, eczema or other debilitating skin conditions to simply as a fragrance and cologne, to tame flyaways in women's hair as well as a hand and facial moisturizer.