Built Hair Oil & Skin Oil

Built Hair Oil & Skin Oil


Expression: Built

Blend: Rye Whiskey (From Barrel Aging in StilL 630 Rally Point Single Barrel Rye Whiskey Barrels), Patchouli, Texas Cedar, Pipe Tobacco, Tobacco Leaves and a touch of hand scraped Madagascar Vanilla Bean.

Date drawn: 11/17

1oz Dropper Bottle

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Built, the past tense verb for build. Defined as something constructed through assembly of parts or material together over a period of time.

Built is the newest expression in the line of barrel aged hair and skin oils from Barrel Brands.  Built is based on the first oil that founder Jeremy Allen Stanton ever made for himself years ago. This formulation and expression is the oil that built the foundation for which Barrel Beard and Tattoo is today, and is now helping to build the platform for the goals and vision that exist for Barrel Brands over the coming years and decades to come.

This unfiltered oil blend features the Barrel Brands proprietary Vitamin E oil base along with natural ingredients including Patchouli, Texas Cedar, Pipe Tobacco, and a touch of hand scraped Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Built Oil Blend 1 was aged in used Rally Point Rye whiskey barrels from Still 630 Distillery in St. Louis, MO.

Barrel Brands produce a line of small batch barrel aged oils meant to treat and protect your skin and hair. Founded and made by Jeremy Allen Stanton, every bottle is inspected, filled and packaged with care. All Barrel Brands oils are based in pure vitamin E and a blend of other natural oils that make your hair and skin look and feel healthy as well as protecting them from the elements.