Cabin Beard Oil & Tattoo Oil

Cabin Beard Oil & Tattoo Oil


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Online orders shipping August 11th, 2017.

Available for local pickup at Cabin Official Launch Party at The Cabin at Judy Creek on August 11th, 2017 in Glen Carbon, IL.

Expression: Cabin

Blend: Rye Whiskey (From Barrel Aging in StilL 630 Rally Point Single Barrel Rye Whiskey), Cedar, Pine, Raw Pipe Tobacco and just a splash of Patchouli.

Date Pulled: 8/17

1oz Dropper Bottle

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Our newest expression coming August 12, 2017.

Join us for the official launch party on August 11, 2017 at The Cabin at Judy Creek in Glen Carbon, IL at 8:00 PM. Full details and RSVP can be found on Facebook HERE.

Cabin: a small dwelling characteristic of the frontier. Often constructed in a simple fashion by hand.

The frontier of our world may have changed over the years, but hard working people are still building great things.

At Barrel Beard and Tattoo we work hard to invoke memories and emotion from the scent profile of our expressions. No matter your past, feelings are often rekindled by a smell that takes you back to another time.

As Fall approaches, beard season begins and what better time of year to be reminded of rustic cabin nature. The cedar, the pine, the fresh notes that make the woods what they are. A place where relaxation takes center stage and we feel comfortable and at rest.